what i do.

I can turn the most important moments of your life into jewelry to cherish as much as the moment. I design jewelry with breastmilk, placenta, hair, cremains, teeth, sand, flowers, lace, and more. I preserve your inclusions in resin and then create, sand, smooth, glaze, drill, and then some! I am always in the process of coming up with new designs. If there is something you'd love but don't see in my shop, feel free to contact me with a request! 

what i need.

Breastmilk: After I have told you the number of ounces needed for your piece, I need that amount triple-bagged in breastmilk storage bags and then put into a ziploc bag. It doesn't matter how old the milk is, fresh or frozen, hand-expressed or pumped - I can use it all! Please note: current turn around time for jewelry with milk preservation time is approximately four-seven weeks depending on milk.

Placenta/umbilical cord: Placenta for my jewelry needs to be dehydrated (in capsule form) and umbilical cord needs to have been dried by dehydration or air dried. Please double bag 2-3 capsules or umbilical cord in a snack sized ziploc baggie.

Hair: If the hair is already cut, I just need a small lock or curl in a tightly sealed ziploc baggie. If it is NOT already cut, here are some tips to make our lives easier: place scotch tape around a small lock of hair and cut in the middle of the tape so the lock you're sending is already stuck together and I don't have to stick it together! 

Ash: After I have told you how much I need for your piece, make sure ash is in a hard sealed container, like small tupperware or an old pill bottle, and taped over so it won't open. This needs to then be in a sealed plastic baggie. 

All pieces need to be sent in a padded USPS Priority Mail envelope to:

Bree Mahoney

28 Belvidere Ave, Apt 3

Jersey City, NJ 07304

Mail in apartment building can sometimes be tricky and our dear postal workers are not always able to do as I ask. PLEASE be sure to only send your inclusions via USPS in a padded Priority Mail envelope, as this is the one surefire way I know your package will be delivered in my mailbox rather than left elsewhere or brought back to the post office. If you are mailing from outside of the country, federal mail is fine as long as it is in a padded mailer envelope. If you have any questions, please email me.